Tips on How To Convince Your Ex Boyfriend To Get Back Together

Published: 05th July 2010
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If you are reading this, you are obviously looking to convince your ex boyfriend to get back together. Before you go any further, it is quintessential to ask yourself "WHY?" Do you really want this person back in your life or are you just feeling lonely and frightened of being single. Does your ex boyfriend bring out the best or worst in you?

After my recent break up, I discovered that being single can be great fun but it is a different lifestyle from that of a couple. You don't have to please anybody else all the time and this can be very liberating. Then again, being on your own again can also be scary. You may feel that you will never meet Mr Right and that time is passing you by.

Look at the reasons why your relationship ended. Who were you when you first got together? Has he changed? Have you? Those are important points to consider before getting your ex boyfriend back in your life. You need to find out the real reason for the break up.

If he decided to break up with you, he may have got cold feet. Guys don't always want to admit that they prefer spending time with one lady rather than playing the field. Examine your relationship and see if this could be the case with your guy.

The first tip to convince your ex boyfriend to get back together is to stay good friends. A break up can sometimes be hostile and messy (especially if you were pretty shocked and hurt). Apologize for any nasty words exchanged and move forward positively.

Show you ex boyfriend that you are the same beautiful person he fell in love with in the first place. But, please! No play acting - you boyfriend is the one person who can tell if you are faking it. See how you've changed and take steps to mend your personality if some flaws and bad habits have cropped up over time.

If you do feel angry then let it show. The truth will set the both of you free. Just be sure that when you show your anger you don't reject him at the same time. You are trying to help him realize that you belong together and not apart.

Next, help him reminisce the good times you spent together as a couple. Your favorite hang outs, food and simply the good times shared. This will cause him to miss you more and convince him that the two of you should still be together.

When I broke up with my boyfriend recently, I found a book that helped me figure things out. It also helped me to understand my break up and get my ex boyfriend back. The book is called The Magic Of Making Up. I would recommend it to you. If you're free, please visit my blog, The Magic Of Making Up Review too.

Good Luck!

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